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Rexxon ... setting a precedent in the industry

REXXON comprises key individuals who have been participating throughout the Petroleum Value Chain Internationally and in South Africa, thereby enabling us to provide customers and consumers with quality Petroleum Products, on time and consistently, as required by demanding Industry clients.

REXXON offers a one stop solution for all consumer and Industry needs, whether from Petroleum Product Importing, Storage of Refined Petroleum Products, Crude Oil from internationally accredited Oil Majors, and delivery of Refined Petroleum Products and Lubricants nationally through our own road tanker fleet.

REXXON specializes in
the bulk supply and delivery of:

  • Petrol (ULP 93 + ULP 95)
  • Diesel (500 ppm + 50 ppm)
  • LPG & LNG
  • Illuminating Paraffin
  • Aviation Fuel (commercial & military spec)
  • Lubricants (full spectrum product range)

REXXON supplies technical
expertise and equipment for:

  • Fuel Retail Sites
  • Fuel & Gas Depots
  • Automotive Gas Conversion Kits
  • Bulk Storage Tanks & Fuel Pumps


As a leading supplier of petroleum products into Southern Africa, REXXON has the necessary experience, professionalism, and access to a modern transport road tanker fleet and logistics division to ensure that the right product is delivered on time to the right destination, and more importantly, at competitive prices.