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About Rexxon

REXXON is a South African registered Limited Liability Company, boasting a Level-2 BBB-EE Certification. Our operations comprise of Refined Petroleum Product Sales plus Transport & Logistics throughout South Africa and SADQ, and International Product Sales and Shipping to our international clients.

Since its inception, REXXON has been participating throughout the International and South African Petroleum Value Chain, in that it has concentrated its efforts in selling and transporting of Refined Petroleum Products and LP Gas to Retailers and Wholesalers, as well as to Government and Parastatals.

REXXON was established with the purpose of combining collective Intellectual Properties, International Clients, New Business Opportunities, as well as the Synergies within the group overall into one entity moving forward, and where the REXXON name will be the brand name used for the group as a whole.

REXXON is also proud to have within its structure, an aggressive skills development and training plan in order to effectively keep in line with Government plans and requirements, and such to include aggressive Socio-Economic Development Plans.

Our mission is to set a precedent in the International and South African Petroleum Sector overall, and as such we do so through international expansion and local growth throughout the Value Chain.